Rotational Nurses And Midwives To Spring 1week ultimatum On Health Ministry

A group calling itself the Coalition of Rotation Nurses and Midwives is preparing to serve the Health Ministry with a week’s ultimatum tomorrow, over the Ministry’s alleged moves to downgrade their allowances.

A petition prepared in waiting for tomorrow, which WhatsUp News has seen warns the Ministry that the rotation nurses and midwives will, “ will spek the language that the government knows better,” if their grievances are not resolved in a week’s time.

In addition to unhappiness about what they say is the Ministry’s move to connive with the Controller and Accountant General’s Department to downgrade their allowances, they also express anger over delays in capturing their data for biometric processing to pave way for them to receive their allowances.

Apparently, the group is made up of rotation nurses and midwives belonging to the 2019/2020 batch. In the petition they are preparing to serve tomorrow, they also complain about the Ministry’s intent to pay their allowance arrears in piecemeal fashion.

The petition is signed by Suta N. Fabian president and Sebastian Naabedaar, General secretary of the group.

According to the petition, the group at a recent meeting, confirmed  that a document in circulation was financial clearance for them  but strangely, no allowance amount was stated on the document. Interestingly, the document came into being in spite of the fact that the 2019 single spine salary structure clearly states monthly llowance for health interns

The petition notes that upon enquiry, the interns were told the document was an update and that a new system AH1 was to be used instead of the initial 12L scale.

The petition states sternly, that as far as the coalition members are concerned reviews always increase salaries and so no downward review of their allowances will be accepted.

They also questioned why the review of the single spine is only affecting rotational nurses and midwives. “When was review done and where is review document?” the petition asks.

It wants, as matter of urgency for the Controller and Accountant General’s Department to collect their data for biometric processing so they can receive their allowances on time.


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