Islamic Business Community Commend Sam George For Anti-Gay Bill

Businessmen and women, along with other professionals within the Islamic community in Ghana have sent commendations to Hon. Sam George, MP for Ningo-Prampram, for his sponsorship of the controversial Proper Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill, also called an anti-LGBTQ bill.

In a statement, the Muslim group said criminalization of homosexuality and lesbianism and advocacy of same, which the bill aims for is in good order because the acts are not only socially reprehensible but also go against Islamic tenets. 

“We are stating for public records our support for the criminalization of the act and advocacy of this morally reprehensible conduct known today as LGBTQ+ on two(2) valid grounds: As committed Muslims, and referencing the Quran as our Holy book, Allah completely prohibits the act and punishes severely individuals or nations who allow such practices to thrive,” the group wrote.

“…We unequivocally state our support for the Private Members’ Bill sponsored by some Members of Parliament to criminalized LGBTQ+ activities in Ghana. We further commend the courage, professionalism and sustained strength of Hon. Samual Nortey George and all those who have worked effortlessly on this bill. Together we shall win,” the group said.

Hon. Sam George has become the focus of criticisms from the pro-gay minority community in the country, and others within the international community for sponsoring the private members’ bill.

US-based Ghanaian doctor and politician, Dr. Arthur Kennedy, has revealed that Sam George and seven other MPs who are pushing the bill have become persona non grata in some Western countries, where they have been denied visas for their stance on the piece of legislation.

Back home in Ghana, a few pro-gay advocates, including an impressive array of intellectuals led by President Akufo-Addo’s lawyer, Akoto Ampaw, have been kicking against the Bill.

But according to the Islamic intellectuals, it is not only as a matter of religion that homosexuality and lesbianism are abhorrent, they are a matter of health too given the fact that HIV infections have reportedly been highly driven by gay sex.

 “The scientific proof linking sodomy to the spread of HIV/AIDs and other sexually transmitted diseases constitute another crystal reason our association supports the above Bill, more so, to guard against exposing the already venerable Zongo communities to a greater risk thus diminishing the gains made so far,” the group state.


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