Scandal Brews, As EPA Boss Kokofu Signs Off Juicy Sole-Source, Contracts To Indian

Information gathered by Whatsup News shows that the Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had signed off juicy contracts to an Indian company without recourse to the EPA Board.

The contracts are projects already undertaken by the EPA, including the monitoring and inspection of elevators and escalators across the country.

On September 2, 2021, Henry Kwabena Kokofu, the EPA boss signed off the project to an Indian company called Kingdom Technologies Company Limited.

In the contract titled: “Digitalization of EPA Elevators and Escalator Inspection,” Mr. Kokofu signed on behalf of the EPA and granted the company the sole responsibility of inspecting and monitoring elevators and escalators across the country and collecting fees and charges.

In the contract, Kingdom Technologies gets to keep 70% of the revenue collected and the EPA gets only 30%, despite the entire project hitherto the responsibility of the EPA. 

The contract was questionably sole-sourced to the Indian company. This means it did not go through any competitive tender and reportedly was not approved by the EPA board.

Reports are that EPA staff are livid with the way their proprietary project was simply taken away from the state agency, and thereby reduce its income stream.

It is unclear if Kingdom Technologies brought any significant investment to warrant such a generous contract as agitated staff are angling for a probe into the contract.

In the agreement signed with EPA which was represented by Mr. Kokofu, the Indian company was represented by one James Rajamani and a Ghanaian named Frank Tettey Enyo. There are suspicions that this Ghanaian partner has close links with Mr. Kokofu.


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