Ghc12million Allegedly Paid To Ghosts In Massive School Feeding Fraud

Between 2019 and 2020, a whopping Ghc12million was paid out to ghost schools on the roster of the Ghana school feeding program, alleges the Ghana National School Feeding Caterers Association.

At a press conference, the Association’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), Caroline Aboagye, said the number of ghost schools involved are 510.

 Ms. Aboagye bemoaned what she said was the very poor management of the scheme which results in the massive dissipation of the public purse.

“The National Coordinator, because she supervises payments, if she gave those monies [Gh¢12 million] paid the Ghost Schools to true caterers, there would be excesses that could be used to develop the country,” she said.

She also suggested that inadequate staff to coordinate the over 9000 schools participating in the program has created loopholes for the loot.

Ms. Aboagye, therefore, called on President Akufo-Addo to freeze the Management of the scheme and instigate a national probe.

 “The National Coordinator, District Directors and all political appointees at the National, Regional and District Secretariats be set aside so that the vision with which the programme was implemented would materialize.”

“The media should also support us to check the veracity of the statements we have made as against what the Coordinator and the Minister for Gender Children and Social Protection have been saying whether that there is no element of corruption in the scheme” Madam Caroline added.


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