Hysterical National Security Illegally Bugs Phone of #FixTheCountry Rep. -Group Considers Legal Action

#FixThe Country, the viral youth group that is calling for systemic changes in Ghana’s socio-politics has revealed that the National Security Agency has illegally bugged the telephones of some of the representatives of the group when they on Friday met a high-powered delegation of security chiefs in the Akufo Addo administration.

Oliver Barker-Vormanor, a legal representative of the group stated on Joy FM’s Newsfile programme that as standard practice, the National Security had detained the mobile telephones of the representatives that met with the security chiefs to discuss the planned street protest of the heterogeneous youth movement.

However, when they left the meeting, they discovered that some of the telephones of their colleagues have been tapped with surveillance bugs. 

“When we left that meeting, we have credibly established that one of the representatives-he was using an android phone, his phone was cloned and that he could no longer access all the messages and conversations we were having on our platform. So what we did was that we flashed his phone immediately…Calls from his phone were being diverted to another phone. When searched for it online through True Caller, it [the surveillance phone number] is called “Monitoring” on Vodafone,” Barker-Vormanor revealed.

“It is a point we are considering taking legal action on…for me, it breaks my spirits and undermines my belief in the democracy we live in….”

However, the National Security in a statement released on its behalf today, May 9, 2021, by the Ministry of Information denied the accusation.

“Consistent with standard practices, the phones of all visitors are kept at the reception of the Ministry. The Ministry has no basis to and did not tamper with the phones of the convenors,” the statement said.

The statement also denies the allegation that the convenors were coerced into a meeting with Cabinet.

“The conveners were invited for a meeting to which they voluntarily attended. The allegation that they were coerced into a meeting is therefore untrue,” the statement read.

However, the #FixTheCountry protestors counter this by saying that all the shenanigans leading to that meeting with the security chiefs proved that something fishy was being planned by the Akufo Addo government.

First of all, the group was summoned to meet up with the Inspector General of the Ghana Police Service (GPS) to discuss modalities for the planned demonstrations.

But they were shepherded into a meeting with more than a dozen top security heads in Ghana. 

Curiously, the IGP was not in that meeting. “We were told after we submitted our letter to the police and the respondent that the Inspector-General of Police wanted to meet us and, on the way, in the police convoy to that meeting, the location was changed and we were taken somewhere else, to a fully-convened team of government ministers, incidentally one of the key persons who was missing from that meeting was the Minister for Health,” Barker-Vormanor narrated.

These officials included National Security Minister, Finance Minister, Defense Minister, Foreign Affairs Minister and Attorney General.

A government communique via the Information Ministry’s Facebook page had indicated a fruitful dialogue with subsequent engagements in the offing.

However, unknown to the group, while they were in the meeting, the IGP and the GPS had sneaked behind to go secure a High Court injunction to prevent the group from undertaking their planned demonstration against the systemic failure superintended by the Akufo Addo administrations.


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