Speaker Of Parliament Cannot Be Appointed Until Guan Constituency Is Created…NDC warns

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is warning that a Speaker for the next Ghanaian Parliament cannot be selected until a yet-to-be-created Guan Constituency has been created and its constituents have voted for their Parliamentarians.

A member of the legal team of the NDC, Lawyer Edudzi Kudzo Tamakloe, warned that the denial of the people of Guan, Parliamentary representation is unconstitutional and grounds for the impeachment of the Electoral Commissioner, Jean Mensah.

“Until we have a Member of Parliament for the Guan constituency, we should not go ahead with the selection or election of a Speaker. Doing so will greatly undermine the right of representation,” he told Accra-based Joy FM.

The Electoral Commissioner has reduced the country’s elections into a comedy of errors with many blunders, including the neglect to create a Constituency for the people within the Guan district.

Consequently, the people in this district voted in the presidential election but could not vote in the parliamentary one, and two weeks after elections, the Constituency has not yet been created.

Meanwhile, Ghana for the first time in the Fourth Republic may have a hung Parliament as both the NDC and the NPP have 137 Parliamentary seats apiece. The vote of the people of the Guan Constituency is what will determine who gets to select a Speaker of Parliament.


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