National Ambulance Service Training Paramedics AK 47 Assault Weapons.

The National Ambulance Service (NAS) is training its paramedics with sophisticated weapons in a rather disturbing revelation chanced upon by Whatsup News.

Insiders tell of how paramedic training for personnel of the NAS has suddenly turned into a paramilitary training session with these young men and women being given specialised and tactical weapons training.

Whatsup News has seen pictures of some of these paramedics posing with sophisticated AK 47 assault guns.

These young men and women being given tactical weapon training appear to be the staunch members of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) members recruited into the NAS recently.

A close friend to one of them told Whatsup News: “A friend of mine who is a strong NPP follower was recruited into the National Ambulance Service just some few weeks ago. I was happy to see him getting a permanent job. I was happy to see him getting a permanent job. He has been posting their training session picture and videos which I enjoyed watching them working out and keeping fit.. But a few minutes ago, I saw a shocking image.”

The source has since forwarded a disturbing picture showing about a dozen men and women clad in full NAS uniforms, but have been given military-grade assault weapons.

The background information posted on its website, NAS was established in the year 2004 as an agency of the Ministry of Health and a product of collaboration between the Ministry of Health and the Ghana National Fire Service of the Ministry of Interior. 

“As a statutory agency, NAS has been charged with specific roles and responsibilities of establishing and operating a nationwide comprehensive pre-hospital emergency care,” stated NAS as its core function.

Some of NAS functions include the provision of pre-hospital emergency care to accident victims (Road traffic, Domestic, Industrial, Medical, etc.) as well as to transport accident victims from the scene of an incident to an appropriate health facility

Other functions also cover the provision of stand-by emergency cover at mass public meetings and to liaise with other emergency services in time of disaster or mass casualty incidents; assistance in the formulation and implementation of programmes for first respondents and to assist in establishment and operation of makeshift hospitals during mass casualty situations.

As part of its six listed functions, none requires training in tactical military weapons. It has therefore sparked suspicions that there may be a paramilitary programme infused into the NAS programme that syncs with reports of widespread arming of obscure paramilitary groups across the country by the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).


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