Biden Considers Lawsuits To Force Trump Out Of The White House

Us President-elect, Joe Biden, is considering going to court to force the Trump Administration to begin a transition that has been delayed by the President’s refusal to concede in an election that he claims were fraught with illegal votes and rigging.

Forbes reports that an unnamed member of the Biden legal team has confirmed the contemplation.

“Legal action is certainly a possibility, but there are other options as well that we’re considering,” the unnamed source is quoted as saying.

President Trump and his advisors have launched lawsuits in several States including Pennsylvania where he wants Biden’s win to be discounted. 

Joe Biden cannot start making appointments of thousands of people that he will work with and also receive documents and briefings on a whole range of national issues because the Head of the General Service Administration will not sign to recognize Biden as President-elect.

Emily Murphy, the GSA head, is an appointee of Trump. She has delayed formally recognizing Biden’s victory, a move that would allow his camp to begin the transition, access federal funds, establish contact with agencies and access classified information.

This is even though Biden’s Delaware home being designated a security zone by American National Security in acknowledgment of his election.

Trump is yet to concede, despite Biden being projected the winner with now 279 Electoral College votes, with four states left to report. Meanwhile, the GSA over the weekend stressed that no ‘ascertainment’—a process to formally recognize Biden as president-elect—has not been made.

In another twist, Attorney General, William Barr shocked everybody with a move that overrides what would usually be a state-by-state decision. He is allowing U.S. attorneys to investigate “substantial allegations” of voting problems, according to an internal memo obtained by the Financial Times on Monday.

Barr’s decision came before all states have had results certified, and led senior DOJ official Richard Pilger, who would be tasked with the probes, to quit “over the new policy and its ramification,” he said.


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