Akufo-Addo’s Sod Cutting Spree Is ‘Azaa’ – Nzema chief

The Divisional Chief of Nzema Akropong in the Ellembelle District of the Western Region, Nana Adu Kwame, has analyzed that President Akufo-Addo’s sudden spell of sod cutting for projects around the country is a hoodwinking trick.

On Wednesday, the outspoken traditional leader said the projects the President is cutting sods for, some of which are so futuristic that they will be constructed in 2021, are just colorful lies for votes.

“We have just three months to the election and you are now cutting sod. What were you doing. What were you doing the past three and half years? We don’t use three months to go to election to cut sod ?

“we have three months to election and they are now busy going round to cut sod, you put pickaxe in your vehicle and you get here you come out from your vehicle and starting cutting sod, nobody here should be deceived.

Among the projects that the President has cut sod for is the Kwame Danso – Atebubu road, construction date for which is confused because while one strand of reporting says construction will start in 2021, another strand is saying construction started in April 2020.

Meanwhile, President Akufo-Addo cut sod for the project on September 8.

Former President John Dramani Mahama, who is also the Flagbearer of the NDC has long pointed out that the sod cutting spree by the President, is fake drama. According to President Mahama, the sudden urge to cut sod is “sakawa.”

Nana Adu Kwame ll, the outspoken Divisional Chief for Nzema Akropong, also observed that the NPP government’s fight of the NDC’s idea of legalizing the commercial motorcycle transportation business (okada) does not make sense; especially when the government has failed to solve unemployment.

“Right now my headache is that today if you go to university and poly and complete you don’t get work to do and the good news is that when John Mahama comes to power, he will legalise Okada business to be more lucrative so we have to vote for him, Okada riders must vote for him”, he stressed.

“…and we have many people unemployed now. So why would you protest the Okada thing?” he questioned NPP.

Nana was speaking during a reception for the Vice Presidential Candidate of the NDC, Prof. Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang at the Asasetre lorry park in Ellembelle.

He pointed out that he is not partisan and is only on a quest to for the truth, adding that of all Presidents that Ghana’s Fourth Republic has produced, former President Mahama who did a lot for Ellembelle and that the NDC Flagbearer’s promise to build an ultramodern market for the area is believable.

“John Mahama and Armah Buah have said if they come to power, they will construct an ultra-modern market for women at Asasetre because what you are currently in, anytime the rain falls, it beat you so if someone is coming to build a new one for you, what should you do for the person, you vote for the person.”

Nana pointed out that it was John Mahama who constructed the Atuabo Ghana Gas Processing Plant, constructing Agona Nkwanta to Elubo road, constructing All Bokazo to Atuabo oil enclave road.

He added that it was John Mahama and Emmanuel Armah Kofi-Buah who first constructed CHPs compounds in Ellembelle District of which his community also benefited.

“John Mahama is the man who says and he does it, he has done it before in Ellembelle and he has track records here, he brought Ghana Gas, he constructed Agona Nkwanta to Elubo road, he constructed Alla Bokazo to Atuabo road”

“A time came when we do transit before reaching Eikwe hospital and the transit here means, unless you take a canoe to cross the river on Eikwe road before taking another commercial vehicle to Eikwe hospital but today the bridge you see over the river, it was John Mahama’ and his NDC who did it”, he recounted.

“What I will say again is that it is only the NDC that comes to power and think about we Nzemas, when they were in power they were the first to build so many CHPs compounds in Ellembelle and they even built one for my Community, a time came before you will take a sick person to hospital we have to carry on a hammock before a person can get access to health care at Axim or Eikwe, but today we have so many CHPs compounds all over in Ellembelle and it was NDC who did that is John Mahama and Emmanuel Armah Kofi-Buah.

“John Mahama and Armah Buah have people at heart, they think about human being and these are the people we should vote for and not those that have done nothing”.

he urged Vice Presidential Candidate, Naana Opoku Agyemang, to remember to build the delayed Atuabo Freeport when elected into power to create jobs for the youth.

“I was the one who performed the libation for the commencement of the Atuabo Freeport so we are appealing that when John Mahama comes to power he should build the Atuabo Freeport for us so that the youth will get work to do”, he urged. Prof. Opoku-Agyemang on her part thanked the chiefs and people of the area for their reception and admonished them to eschew politics of insults.


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