NDC 2020 Manifesto, The Most Sensible In History Of Ghana—Austin Gamey

Respected Labor consultant, Austin Gamey, has reportedly given a verdict that the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC)’s manifesto for the 2020 elections is the most sensible in the entire history of the Republic of Ghana.

According to reports seen by WhatsUp News, Mr. Gamey appraises the so called “People’s Manifesto,” as practicable, pragmatic and very reflective of the needs of the people.

“For once, I think we have a manifesto that is supposed to be a bit more sensible than all the previous ones. This is the best we have had in this country since independence. It is easy to implement, it is inclusive, it is friendly. I think it is because they did a wide consultation,” he is reported as saying.

Austin Gamey had been a strong critic of the NDC.

Meanwhile, the governing NPP’s manifesto is being torn apart particularly following the gaffe of Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia to list several infrastructural projects the NPP had supposedly completed in its term in office. As it turned out, majority of these projects were either non-existent or were continuation projects from the erstwhile NDC administration.

The goof had taken the shine off the NPP’s Manifesto which was launched about two weeks before the NDC’s.

For instance, one proposal the NPP claim to be working on is to build an airport in Cape Coast, capital of the Central Region which is barely 1.5 hours’ drive from Accra.

Critics have shot down the plan as lacking foundation in economic sense because Ghana’s international airport, Kotoka, is just two hours’ drive away. Also, Takoradi, which is similarly about two hours’ drive away, has an airport.

Meanwhile, the NDC’s promise to increase maternity leave time from 3 months to four months for new mothers has been a hit with women. So is the counterpart novel idea of allowing men too, a week’s leave when their wives give birth.

Also, the NDC has promised to spread Free SHS to cover private schools; plans to legalize and regulate commercial motorcycle transportation (Okada), scrap the law banning importation of used cars and also scrap the shift system in Senior High Schools have all been a topical discussion since the NDC manifesto was launched on Monday.


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