Confusion Rocks Voters Exhibition As Voters Go Missing On Register

The voter register exhibition that was started today by the Electoral Commission (EC) has degenerated into chaos as thousands of people who were registered about two months ago, have come to a shocking realisation that their names have been secretly deleted from the register.

An intercepted communications from the EC’s Whatsapp platform of registration officers show one Dr. Collins, said to be the IT Director at the EC, saying the missing names should not be worked back into the register.

“Please direct your officers not to perform any inclusion now to avoid voter duplication. They should fill inclusion forms for legitimate cases, but not to perform any new registrations/inclusion until we have ordered so,” Dr. Collins said in a message to EC District Directors.

Whatsup News has gathered that the missing names have a pattern to them. For instance, more people from the political stronghold of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) are complaining.

Also, in what appears to be a systematic targeting, the Member of Parliament for Ashaiman Constituency, Ernest Norgbey has alerted that his name is missing from the register after he registered for his new voters’ ID card about two months ago.

Curiously, Norgbey is currently battling the EC in court after he accused the EC of breaching procurement processes in its expenditure for the new voters register that was controversially pushed through by the EC Chairperson, Jean Adukwe Mensah.

According to the befuddled MP, he went to his polling station today to confirm his name in the newly compiled voters’ register, only to notice that his name has been deleted from the register.

Whatsup News has seen videos and social media posts of people complaining of not finding their names in the register, even though they had duly been registered less than two months ago.

Also, the number of voters appear to have been systematically erased from the register in selected polling stations across the country, and particularly in opposition strongholds. For instance, in the Akatsi South Constituency of the Volta Region, two polling stations: Logote and Lawui polling station registered more than 100 people but only 5 people can be found in the register for exhibition, Whatsup News has gathered.

Insiders have told Whatsup News earlier that during the just-concluded new voters’ registration exercise, officials had done offline registration with intent to transfer data into the EC’s system later.

However, when the time came for the transfer to be effected, the EC’s technicians realized that a lot of the data that had been captured offline had somehow been corrupted and made irretrievable.

In one Polling station where 2000 voters were registered, only 100 of the registrants’ data was recovered, according to a source.

After the EC’s technicians had tried for a long time and failed to retrieve the data, a decision was taken to retrieve hard drives of the biometric devices and reset them in an attempt to trick the system into opening up. However, the system responded by wiping out thousands of the captured data, sources say.

Already, the EC had hinted that the brand-new register is bloated with foreigners, and minors, and had appointed a committee to manually correct those alleged anomalies.

However, investigative journalist, Kevin Ekow Taylor thinks that the entire situation is part of a grand agenda of the EC to rig the December 2020 elections for the ruling NPP.

To confirm the questionable problems facing the new voters’ register, the EC has announced that it has uncovered 6,080 prospective voters who registered multiple times in the just ended nationwide voters album compilation exercise.

Critics have wondered how this could have been possible, particularly, when one of the most vehement reasons why the EC decided to dump the existing register for the current one is that the old one had multiple registrations, minors and foreigners on it.

The EC and the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) had therefore campaigned rigorously, for a new register and had squeezed out some GHC 400 million from the government to finance what it says would be a register with superior biometric features that will make multiple registration and unauthorised registration impossible.


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