President Gulps US$ 4,400 Every Hour-Ato Sarpong

Former Deputy Communications Minister under the erstwhile Mahama administration, Edward Ato Sarpong has calculated that President Akufo Addo spends approximately US$ 4,400 every hour-particularly on fuel for the Presidential Fleet.

Speaking on Dwaboase on Power 97.9 FM Monday, Mr Sarpong said his perusal of the documents presented to Parliament recently as part of budget estimates for the office of government machinery for the first nine months of 2019 shows that the President uses approximately 450 gallons of fuel every day.

“We spend $4,400 every hour on president Akufo-Addo…This is closer to what America spends on President Trump an hour. And this is Ghana [where we have to depend on others for aides]” he said.

Mr Sarpong said the expenditure line item on travels means the president uses 450 gallons of fuel each day.

“This is outrageous because if he [Akufo-Addo] were to commute from Tamale to his office in Accra on a daily basis we would not be spending that much on fuel because almost all the time he is in his office,” he added.

“If you check the 4-year spending of our government at the seat of the president, it was around 1.5 billion but the estimate budgeted for the presidency under H.E Akufo-Addo for his four-year term is about 9 billion…Ghana has no future under the NPP.”


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