400 Names Of Registered Voters In Binduri Vanish From EC Register

Some four hundred names of voters that the Electoral Commission registered In Binduri Constituency in the Upper East Region during the recently held voter registration exercise have reportedly vanished from the register.

The disappearance of the names was discovered during the EC’s exhibition of the voters register at the Zawse primary school Polling station.

Angry youth of the area reportedly ordered the EC’s officials assigned to the Polling station to close shop and vamoose, after attempts to explain away the evaporation of names refused to make sense for the youth.

Out of 413 names that were captured during the registration exercise only 14 remained on the register during verification.

The EC officials were asked to explain the strange disappearance of names and according to reports, they just kept fouling up with convoluted excuses. By 11 am, the incensed youth of the area had ordered the EC officials to stop the verification and only resume when the missing names return to the register.

The development is happening just a day after Whatsup News reported that the Electoral Commission had reportedly had a large chunk of voter data corrupted.

According to sources from within the Commission, the EC, led by the greenhorn Jean Mensah, decided to do a lot of offline registration during the nationwide voter registration exercise. 

The intent was to later transfer the data to their system online. However, when time came for the data to be transferred, it was realized that a large chunk of the captured data had corrupted.

EC Technicians attempted to retrieve the data by taking out hard drives of the EC’s computers and rebooting them. However, when they did this, a large chunk of the data that Jean Mensah received over Ghc400million to compile was wiped out.

According to sources, the development was the reason the EC postponed voter exhibition twice.


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