More Fire In Royal Cold War As New Juaben Chief Fires Okyenhene In Round 2

In response to accusations by Ofori Panin Fie that Daasebre had used language unbecoming of royalty in addressing the Okyenhene’s move to change the composition of the membership of  the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs, Daasebre has fired back, accusing the Okyenhene of attempts to cover up his tracks, after he was caught trying to become puppet master of the ERHC.

In a 20th August 2020 addressed to the Okyenhene who is the President of the ERHC, Daasebre wrote that Amoatia Ofori Panin’s move to claim credit for a last minute decision to allocate the Juaben Traditional area six places for divisional chiefs in the ERHC is dishonest.

“The last minute inclusion of New Juaben in the new LI, therefore, originated from the National House of Chiefs and not from the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs as Okyenhene’s rejoinder seems to imply…It is clearly an attempt to cover-up for the unpardonable exclusion of New Juaben from the beginning,” Daasebre wrote.

The letter was in reply to the Okyenehene’s rejoinder after Daasebre fingered him for secretly reengineer the membership of the ERHC by allowing divisional chiefs to be allotted places in the House so that the Akyem Abuakwa stool will have the majority of representatives.

The resistance resulted in a cold war that spilt into the media amidst revelations that the Okyenhene had surreptitiously sponsored a proposal for the inclusion of divisional chiefs at the National House of Chiefs without informing other paramount Chiefs, especially the Juabenhene.

Indeed, the nature of the proposal was such that New Juaben was not given any allotments while Akyem Abuakwa was allotted 16 places, the highest, for divisional chiefs in the ERHC.

The resistance of the New Juaben king had been in the form of letters to the National House of Chiefs protesting what Daasebre said was a clever ploy by the Okyenhene to fill the ERHC with underlings so that every time, Akyem Abuakwa would dominate the ERHC.

The National House of Chiefs responded by modifying the proposal so that Akyem Abuakwa’s original allotment of 16 divisional chiefs was slashed to 8 while New Juaben, which had no allotment at all was given six.

The rejoinder from the Akyem King had also made very interesting insinuations, including allegations that the New Juaben King is chronically absent from meetings of the ERHC but still collects his sitting allowances.

To this Daasebre Oti Boateng referred the Okyenhene to the period between 2000 and 2011 when he said the Okyenhene never attended any meeting of the House yet he collected his standard allowance because the allowance is paid to every king unconditionally.


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