Abandoned Kanda Borehole Captured By Bawumia Is Hoax

A supposed borehole project at Kanda in Accra, which somehow found its way into the long list of projects that Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia presented to Ghanaians as signature infrastructural accomplishments by the Akufo-Addo government has turned out to be a rusty abandonment.

After journalists decided to verify Bawumia’s claims, the Kanda borehole project, which the Vice President claimed to be ongoing was discovered as a rusted metal stump. Residents of Kanda have since also confirmed that the project had been started and abandoned in 2018.

Videos and pictures of the project show a rusted metal stump infected with spirogyra instead of the ultramodern borehole project that Dr. Bawumia claim his government was building.

Residents also revealed that because of the stalling of the borehole project, a section of the people who do not have water flowing through their taps at home, are constrained to source water from a rusted sewer-like broken pipe.

This was the pitiable situation of the people of Kanda when the Vice President on Wednesday told Ghanaians that his government had an ultramodern borehole project under construction for the people there.

Dr. Bawumia had listed the Kanda borehole as one of over 17,000 projects that his government has undertaken or is still undertaking across the country.

In a claim that has caused consternation and driven many to check out things for themselves, Dr. Bawumia actually claimed that his Government has built more infrastructure than the erstwhile Mahama government.

According to him, his government has undertaken more projects in its first tenure than the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) achieved in eight years of governance from 2009 to 2016.

Already, many people are discovering that Bawumia’s claims may not be consistent with the facts on the ground.

According to residents, the Kanda borehole project was started in 2018 by the Ministry of Special Development Initiatives, but had been discontinued in the same year.


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