DIRTY PANTY BOMBER …..George Andah’s Panty Feng Shui sets Social Media ablaze.

A deplorable picture of Deputy Minister of Communications, George Nenyi Andah, looking stoned while a red ladies panties is festooned around his neck jolted netizens earlier today when it landed on social media.

And as the slutty photograph goes viral secrets behind how the pair of Victoria Secret femme wear got to bedeck the nape of the Awutu Senya West MP like a Chinese red obsidian Feng Shui necklace, is rattling.

According to what the brewing scandal has thrown up so far, the red “dirty” panties belonged to another woman who was not George Andah’s wife and the Deputy Minister had garlanded himself in the G-String during a careless moment in the heat of a tryst with a lover.

Social Media is all abuzz now as the slutty photo capturing Deputy Communication Minister, George Nenyi Andah, wearing another woman’s dirty panties on his head commands the talking point. 

In the photo, Mr. Andah’s face looks like he has just woken up from a long sleep akin to a deep tissue exercise.

All the credits of the Oscar winning headshot of George Andah having his alley cat moment goes to, Ms. Abena Gabagbo, a netizen who seems privy to dirty behind scenes details of George Andah’s moonshining life of party, alcohol and sex.

Ms Gbagbo who has been venting the secrets on Andah on Facebook has promised to drop a video that will reveal more salacious details about how the Deputy Communication Minister has been sowing his wild oats. According to her promise, the video drops at 3:00pm today, Saturday 15 August.

So far Miss Gbagbo, has released two photos on Hon? Andah, the second one capturing the Minister with his face covered in  a whitish substance suspected to be facial defoliation crème. 

But it is the text accompanying the two photos that have got the nation glued to Abena Gbagbo’s social media handles. It reads“Watch for the video at 3.00pm” 

She also wrote, ”is that  a lady’s panty around his neck? Do you remember why you had to wear the dirty panty around your neck that afternoon and where? And what you said about your wife?”

Regarding what George Andah said about his wife, a voice clip that Abena Gbagbo has released appears to answer it. The voice clip which appears to be a capture of a phone conversation with Andah features a voice sounding like his proclaiming that he does not love his wife.


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