Chinese Secretly Colonizing Ghana Through Real Estate

…Atinka TV host

The host of a program on Accra based Atinka TV has raised an alarm over what he says is a gradual takeover of Ghanaian lands by Chinese in what appears to be a well calculated colonial project by means of real estate.

Bismarck Brown, host of “Si No Pi” tells of how Chinese are buying swathes of land in villages around the country in an ongoing invasion that escapes the attention of the country’s leadership sitting in Accra.

“China is over-populated and its people are seeking new territories to possess and so there is this deliberate plan to buy lands and dispossess us the Ghanaian indigents and especially the future generation, of lands. The invasion is happening in the villages on the blind side of the authorities,” Mr. Brown said in Twi.

According to him, he got wind of the ongoing invasion from a conversation with a Chinese man in Ghana. “he told me, “we are buying your lands in the villages,” Bismarck Brown reported.

He called on President Akufo-Addo, the National Security apparatus and the Bureau of National Investigations to probe the issue and do something about it.

According to him, the modus operandi of the Chinese is that they steal into the country and keep themselves in the villages, especially those along the borders. Consequently, they mostly do not enter through the country’s airports. “They do not travel down to Accra, the Chinese doing these things love the villages because there they will have virtually no law enforcement officers to deal with,” Bismark Brown said.

He said, these Chinese come prepared with a lot of money, claiming that because there is a national plan to de-populate China and possess new territories, there are Chinese banks which give out soft loans to nationals who travel to Africa to buy lands.

“Once they get to the villages, they settle there… they approach chiefs and buy large swathes of land,” he said, adding, “do you know that when they buy the lands they take samples of the soil back to China to study it?”

While possessing Ghanaian lands through financial muscle, he said the Chinese are also deliberately trying to deepen their legitimate claims to Ghanaian lands by impregnating village girls. “Our identity as Ghanaians is gradually getting missing; you go to the villages and there are many children who have “China” as suffixes to their Ghanaian names – Kwaku China…”

“The Chinese are over populated in their country and have taken a deliberate decision to depopulate. There are banks in China which are giving soft loans to people who want to travel to Africa. “It is a strategy to take new territories,” he alleged.


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