Presidency Sits on Damning Report against EC’s Jean Mensah For Hiding Assets

The Executive Director of governance think-tank, Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA) and President Akufo Addo’s Communications Director have mounted a massive social media war of words as it turns out that the Presidency may have hidden damning reports against the Electoral Commissioner, Jean Mensah. 

On the 9th of June 2020 ASEPA petitioned the Presidency to remove Ms Mensah for failing to declare her Assets and Liabilities in accordance with Article 286.

However, according to ASEPA, the Presidency swept under the carpet, the report from the Chief Justice and “deliberately” refused to officially inform ASEPA that the Chief Justice had already sent to the Presidency its report about the allegations contained in the petition-a month ago.

Upon queries from ASEPA, the  CJ on August 10, 2020 responded by stating that it had sent its report on the EC boss to the Presidency since July 15th.

ASEPA today, proceeded to issue a press statement calling out the Presidency for hiding the report against the EC boss. 

Hardly had the press statement  been digested than the President’s communications director, Eugene Arhin posted the response that was allegedly being hidden on Mr. Mensah Thompson’s Facebook wall in what was a curious mode of delivery of official correspondence from the Presidency.

“Really, now the Presidency delivers official documents on Facebook instead? Wow! Thanks for reducing the Presidency to Facebook Annex,” Mr. Thompson jabbed Eugene Arhin who responded: “This has nothing to do with delivering official letters. This letter was delivered to you. This is just exposing the mischief in your statement…Checks from the registry indicate that this letter has been dispatched to you.”

However, the ASEPA boss insists the response about the petition’s report from the CJ was only surfacing today on his Facebook wall. He challenged the Presidency’s chief scribe to post evidence of the letter being delivered through the dispatch stamp of receipt. 

“We believe this is a violation of public administration procedures and the Presidency is protecting the EC chairperson. ASEPA is, therefore, demanding as the petitioners that the Presidency makes the report of the CJ public as soon as possible,” ASEPA charged.

The debacle has reinforced perceptions that the Presidency had picked Jean Mensah to act as a puppet at the Electoral Commission to help the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) rig the presidential elections in December 2020.


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