Evangelist Ordered To Sacrifice Ram To Appease Gods For Breaching Covid-19 Protocol

A clash of faiths is in the offing at Sunyani, the capital of the Bono Region, where a Christian Evangelist has been convicted to a fine that includes the provision of a ram to be sacrificed for the pacification of the gods of the town.

The Sunyani Traditional Council (STC) which imposed the fine faults the preacher for breaching Covid-19 protocols and later disrespecting the Judicial Committee of the Council by ignoring a summons on him over the offence.

Evangelist Wofa Atta is to also to provide two bottles of Schnapps which is traditionally used to invoke the gods and also cough up Ghc1,500 to the Council as a penalty for his offence. He has been banned from undertaking evangelism work in the town.

Also, traditional ritual sacrifice of sheep along with the pouring of libation with alcohol is taboo in Christian practice. To ask an Evangelist to provide Schnapps and sheep for pacification is to ask him to vandalize doctrines of his faith.

The Committee which handed out the sanctions is jointly presided over by Nana Kwaku Sarbeng, the Akuamuhene and Nana Boadi Akrofa II, the Adontenhene.

Evangelist Wofa Atta’s punishment comes in the wake of Pentecostal Christians protesting the targeting of their members by the government.


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