Ghanaians Abandoned For COVID-19, While Gov’t Appointees Flee In Terror

Security think-tank, Peace and Security Watch has slammed the government for being insensitive to the Ghanaians who would potentially be infected with the deadly COVID-19.

The group in a statement made available to Whatsup News, wondered why the government has allowed massing up of Ghanaians for the controversial new voters’ registration while it is busily closing key institutions over fears of the disease spreading among public officials and government appointees.

“Sensitive state institutions all over GHANA have shut down, for fear of the adult population being infected with COVID-19. Yet, school children have been recalled to school, in the face of increases in the infection and mortality figures of COVID-19. Registering to vote in an election is a civic responsibility, but the manner and strategy being used is creating more health problems for the population,” read the statement signed by Richard Kumadoe, the Convener of Peace and Security Watch.

“Who are those in charge of affairs in Ghana and have they all abdicated their responsibilities? Where are the critical thinkers? Have we all lost the sense of urgency in getting problems solved in Ghana? Leadership is about getting the job done, and whether you are leading from behind or in front, you are obliged. The Platform is calling on all well-meaning Ghanaians to speak out and rise above mediocrity. Our lives matter. Every life matters. “

So far, fears of public officials testing positive to COVID-19 has forced institutions such as the Ministry of Finance, COCOBOD, BOST and the Judiciary to shut down.

The Presidency at the Jubilee House has also been turned into a ghost town, following a COVID-19 alert that has confirmed the infection of Senior Minister Yaw Osafo Marfo and has sent President Akufo Addo into a 14-day isolation. Other appointees are currently working from home.

Several government appointees, including Chief Justice Anin-Yeboah, have been forced into isolation following confirmations that they have been infected with COVID-19.

However, while all these preventive measures are being taken for public officials and government appointees, the government and the Electoral Commission (EC) have continued to endanger lives of the general public by forcing them to mass up for the controversial new voters’ register.

It is estimated that 25 per cent of the over 22,000 infections are a direct cause of this controversial registration exercise.

Health professional, Civil Society Groups (CSOs), opposition political parties, political experts and the general public have condemned the registration exercise as needless, but the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the EC have remained largely adamant.

Against all caution, President Akufo Addo has allowed schools to reopen, with students already recording cases and deaths from COVID-19.

“Reopening schools for final year students at this time is proving to be disastrous. Many schools have reported increased cases of infections among the students. Some jurisdictions have closed down schools and postponed final year examinations due to Covid-19. Many parents agree. They would rather their wards miss a grade than dig a grave. We recommend that the schools remain closed,” Alhaji Haruna Rashid Ibrahim, the Director of Research for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) wrote in a statement.

Since the government relaxed restrictions on social distancing over 10,000 new cases have been recorded. Ghana currently stands at over 22,800 total infections (official figures) and 129 official deaths from COVID-19.

Ghana has been tipped as one of the highest cases of COVID-19 in Africa and is in the top-ten highly infectious countries.


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