One More Journalist Faces Assassination

According to latest information, State security authorities have advised investigative journalist Edward Adeti to relocate his family from the Upper East Region they picked up signals that he had become an assassination target.

Mr.  Adeti’s life has been in danger since 2019 when he exposed a Minister of State at the Presidency-Rockson Buakari, for aiding a Chinese firm in illegal mining activities. He was given police protection for a while when it became apparent that he had rocked the boat of Rockson Bukari.

Adeti’s undercover investigations have seen a number of people including high-profile figures forced to resign from their jobs, interdicted, hauled before disciplinary committees and arraigned before court for some alleged criminal offences.

So far, his house was burgled and some of his belongings stolen.

Law enforcement officers disclosed on Thursday 27th February 2020, that a fresh plot by an unnamed public servant had contracted a gang to assassinate the journalist or abduct his family if the elimination plan failed.

Adeti had reportedly told trusted friends that some strange-looking faces had been spotted around his office in Bolgatanga on a number of occasions.

This will be the umpteenth time that a journalist faced mortal danger for exposing corruption in the government establishment.

One journalist -Ahmed Hussein-Suale, had already been assassinated and another Manasseh Awuni Azure driven temporarily into exile after exposing the Akufo Addo administration for sponsoring party militia.

 “I know the path I have chosen is a rough and tough one; that is why I am so much hated by the greedy eaters of rot and their allies who passionately do not want to see me see another day. The world has only two warring sides. We can’t be neutral in the situation we find ourselves. We can either be an agent of light or belong to the force of darkness. I chose the one I mentioned first— light,” Adeti was recently quoted.

“Light is noble and will always win in the end. I will stay on my lane, striving to be perfect as I move along with like-minded colleagues. I will remain true to myself no matter what. There is no need for any reminder that we are not here for pleasure. When you liberate innocent captives, you should not expect the oppressors and those who wish that the captives remained in captivity to be happy with you,” Adeti said in an interview.


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