Police Flee In Clash With Ga Traditionalists Over Covid-19 Rituals

A Police Patrol in Accra has taken to its heels after it clashed with a group of Ga traditionalists who have gone to offer rituals and prayers to ward off the deadly Covid-19 coronavirus.   

The group of less than 20 priests and residents in Ga-Mashie in Jamestown Accra had proceeded to the beach to perform rituals that will reportedly drive away the devastating Covid-19 coronavirus from Ghana.

According to eyewitnesses, hardly had they completed their rituals than a group of police personnel in riot vehicles stormed the group and proceeded to spray them from their hot water cannons, interrupting the prayers.

The angry club-wielding priests and residents had been infuriated by what they called disrespect for their tradition and fearlessly chased away the invading police patrol.

Whatsup News gathered that the group had obtained permission to perform the traditional rite and had kept their numbers below the prohibited 25 that breached social distancing degrees in Ghana.

The joint Military and Police patrols have become notorious for terrorizing citizens in the guise of enforcing the partial lockdown order of the President. Already, one person has been shot dead in a confrontation with a soldier and several others, including women, reportedly caught outside seeking essential services have been subjected to various forms of torture.

Following the outbreak of the fast-spreading Covid-19 in Ghana early March 2020, the Akufo Addo government was forced to order a partial lockdown of the main epicentres of the contagion in Ghana.

Strict social distancing decrees such as restricted movements, ban on public gathering of more than 25 people, etc., were instituted a couple of weeks ago to contain the spread of the disease.


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