Ghana Is Blowing US$500 per day on Each Travellers’ 14-Day Quarantine

Ghana is reportedly blowing up to US$ 500 on passengers disembarking at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) and whisked away to start the mandatory 14-day quarantine protocol against coronavirus (Covid-19).

Whatsup News has seen several pictures and videos of passengers in quarantine praising the Ghanaian government for the luxurious quarantine given them.

One passenger from Nigeria decried how disappointed he was that Ghana could afford to quarantine passengers in plush hotels and guest houses but Nigeria could not.

Another passenger called Oswell Cole took to twitter saying “ So, I arrived in Accra a few hours ago and the first announcement was that we are all getting quarantined. After 2 hours of waiting, we get checked into a luxurious hotel with free food. The next 14 days will be exciting….” He went on to post pictures of sumptuous food being served him in quarantine.

This appears to be the general treatment Ghanaians authorities are giving quarantined passengers. It is unclear how many passengers are currently enjoying this mouth-watering treat.

Critics are however wondering if Ghana can sustain such an expenditure. Some have queried where the government was getting the money from for offering such treats to passengers.

It is unclear why authorities chose luxurious hotels for quarantining passengers.

Meanwhile, in Uganda, the government there is asking travellers to pay their hotel bill for the 14-day quarantine period.

From Sunday, March 23, 2020, Ghana shit its seaports and airports to inbound traffic as a strategy to contain the fast-spreading coronavirus pandemic. The passengers were given the push treatment were those whose arrival coincided with the commencement of the scheduled airport closure.


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