Trump’s Chloroquine Prescription Poisoning Nigerians

Health officials in Nigeria have raised alarms that they are beginning to record Chloroquine poisoning among Nigerians following American President Trump’s bizarre prescription that Chloroquine can treat Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Lagos state health officials say so far, three people were hospitalized in the city after taking the drug. Officials later issued a statement cautioning against using chloroquine for Covid-19 treatment.

Last week, A desperate Donald Trump jumped all medical protocols to announce to the whole world that Chloroquine was a viable treatment for the deadly coronavirus.

Since the announcement, consumers started stocking up on Chloroquine as some resort to overdosing in preparation for the inevitable arrival of Covid-19.

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s Senior Special Assistant on Health, Dr. Oreoluwa Finnih, issued a stern warning to Nigerians from stuffing themselves with Chloroquine-an almost discarded drug for malaria.

Ghana has so far not recorded any incident of Chloroquine poisoning but Whatsup News can report that residents have stocked up on the drug aviating the Covid-19.


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