Roads Minister Declares Himself One-Man Taskforce Against Illegal Structures

The Minister of Roads, Kwasi Amoako Atta, who has stirred controversy with his Rambo-style demolition of a barricade erected by Turkish builders at the Airport Residential area has declared that he is on a one-man mission against suchlike illegal structures.

According to him, yesterday’s controversial demolition and subsequent citizen’s arrest he effected to get workers on the site behind bars is just the appetizer of the surprise he has up his sleeves for suchlike developers.

“I am going around and anybody who is found encroaching on any public property with their illegal structures will hear from me,” an angry Kwasi Amoako Atta said.

In regards to yesterday’s demolitions at the Airport residential area, he declares that, “this is just the beginning; even if it is a building that has entered the road reserve, I will pull it down.”

The Roads Minister’s vow comes in defiance to some public opinion that his action against the Turkish developers at the Airport residential area was not befitting of a Minister of State. Others hold a different opinion, hailing him for doing the right thing.

Mr. Amoako Atta dominated headlines yesterday when he led a team with a payload machine to a site in the Airport Residential Area where some Turkish developers are putting up a 22 storey building to demolish a barricade that the developers had erected to redirect traffic away from the site.

While bulldozing the barricade into rubbles, the Minister rained invectives on the Turkish developers calling them among other things, “mad.” The invectives were later followed with what has been described as a fanciful arrest of the workers at the site.

The arrestees have since been granted bail, with indications surfacing that their lawyers may go to court to seek redress.

However, in defiance of the reaction to his conduct, Mr. Kwasi Amoako Atta says he is not deterred and that he is now on a mission to ensure that all such structures are demolished.


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