Older Men Deliberately Infecting Young Girls With HIV-AIDS COMMISSION Boss

A trend of Cassanova old men infecting young girls, including minors, with HIV is driving infection rates in Ghana again, according to Director-General of the Commission Mr. Steve Gyeremeh Atuahene.

According to him, the older men who know they have the virus deliberately have sex with younger partners without protection.

”The older men sleeping with the young girls are not wearing condoms. They are not using protection. They are deliberately sleeping with these young girls and infecting them,” the AIDS Commission boss lamented.

Speaking to Accra-based Rainbow Radio, Mr. Atuahene said there have been some 3,596 new infections among children from 0-14 years.

Also, 5,211 young people between the ages of 15-24 years contracted the virus within the new spate, with 4,325 being females and 866 being males.

The AIDS Commission boss called for the intensification of awareness creation and education to re-jolt the country to the realities of HIV/AIDS.

He demanded that older men stop deliberately infecting young girls with HIV and also urged people infected with the virus to adhere to their antiretroviral prescriptions.


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