Jubilee House Staffer Dragged To CHRAJ Over Sudden Opulent Lifestyle

A private citizen, Eric Adjei, has petitioned the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to investigate the lavish lifestyle of a Presidential Staffer who has suddenly gone from rags to riches.

Dominic Oppong Adjei, alias ‘Konkonsa’ is said to be putting up at least one mansion; been collecting automobile marques and been donating tens of thousands of dollars in show-offs at parties.

Konkonsa, who was practically broke before he became one of the many Presidential Staffers at the Akufo-Addo Jubilee House has been flaunting the cash even though in the last eight months, Presidential Staffers have not received salaries.

“I am submitting this petition invoking article 218 (a) of the 1992 constitution, which provides Commission Of Human Right and Administrative Justice to investigate complaints of violations of fundamental rights and freedoms, injustice, corruption, abuse of power and unfair treatment of any person by a public officer in the exercise of his official duties,” the petition said.

 It added, “This action has been necessitated by the recent opulence displace of wealth and open public utterances on the media about his riches uncharacteristic of him in the immediate past.”

Konkonsa reportedly works at the Office of The President under the Transport directorate.

According to Mr. Eric Adjei’s petition, a video which recently went viral on social media captures, the presidential staffer gifting $20,000 to two individuals at a birthday party for the children of saucy celebrity comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger in Accra a few weeks ago.

“A video which has gone viral on social media reveals that the Presidential staffer (public officer) gifted a physical cash price supposed to be $10,000 each to two gentlemen totaling $20,000.00 at a birthday party of the children of celebrity comedian Afia Schwarzenegger held in Accra a few weeks ago,” the petition stated.

 Eric Adjei said in his petition that, Dominic Oppong Adjei has lined up a fleet of luxurious cars in his including Toyota V8 Land Cruisers, Mercedes Benz, Toyota Venza, a Range Rover, and others.

 “These luxurious cars were uncharacterized of him in the last 5 years when he was not a public officer,” the petition said.

He said he suspected that the presidential staffer is using his office for his own private gain and that he is using his influence as a public officer to do business at the office of the President.

“I believe it is no misplace priority to investigate the source of funding for these cars,” the petition said adding that the video and other material evidences ar5e available on request.


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