Tema NPP Youth Lock Party Office Over Akufo-Addo’s New MCE Appointee

Some irate members and supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Tema Central constituency have locked up the party’s office in the constituency in protest of the President’s nomination of Yohane Armah Ashitey as the new MCE for Tema.

“The incident happened as a result of polling station executives and some residents trooping to the party office to take that decision,” Ian Quaye, NPP Constituency Secretary for Tema Central, told the media.

He adds, “As we speak, we are having meetings in order to see how best this issue can be resolved, and we want to send the signal to the party leadership for them to look at how best to resolve this issue by rewarding people of the right calibre so that at least the grassroots will know that when they talk people listen.”

As part of the lock-up, the office door was braced with wood.

This is a spectacle that has exploded across the country as President Akufo Addo announced his nominees for the MMDCE positions across the country. 

In fact, the National Security Agency has send out signals to its operatives to brace for an escalation of violence from loyalists of the ruling party over their anger with the President’s nominations.

According to the aggrieved party members, the person who ought to be nominated as the new MCE is Charles Boateng. Supposedly, this is because Mr. Boateng has contributed immensely to the party.

Mr. Boateng is also described as being extraordinarily hardworking for the party.

 “We believe that we have gotten to the point where hard work, loyalty and commitment and dedication to the party must be part. If he is not going to be given the MCE, other positions within the Tema enclave should be given to him so that it will bring some of these things down,” Mr. Ian Quaye said.


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