National Security Raids Suspected Terrorist Cell

National Security operatives have reportedly busted some 30 persons, including a top Islamic cleric in the Savelugu Municipality, believed to have links with terrorist cells in the country,

The raid near Biare late last week targeted an Islamic School where 33 persons were picked up and flown to Accra for questioning, but about 27 of the suspects were granted bail.

According to reports, the individuals in custody currently are said to be in possession of some incriminating materials that show they are in contact with terror groups in Burkina Faso and Mali. 

The raid is coming amidst troubling signals in the sub-region where security experts have warned that Ghana may be a potential target for terror groups in the Sahel regions.

In mid-June 2021, Police in the Northern and Upper East Regions were warned that Ghana could be attacked by terror groups soon. 

According to Police intelligence, some bandits from Burkina Faso were planning to launch attacks. “Bandits suspected to be in possession of military-grade weapons may have already infiltrated Ghana at yet-to-be-identified locations in the northern regions and they are poised to launch the attacks any moment from now,” the Police wire message read.

Also, the sub-region is recording an increasing number of military coup d’états, after Mali and Guinean presidents were recently ousted by soldiers for alleged corruption and unconstitutional rule. 

Meanwhile, residents in the Savelugu community where the suspected terrorist cell was raided are living in fear, Whatsup News gathered.

Alhaji Musa Barry, General Secretary of Fulani Welfare Group who was interviewed by reporters claims all the suspects are Fulanis.

 “I was only there to interpret their language, they are all Fulani, but they are not herdsmen, they are all students of that cleric. So they were investigating about their mobiles, the communication and other things which help the National Security to interpret,” Alhaji Barry said.


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