Over 400 Highly-Trained Doctors Jobless As Gov’t Refuses Them Opportunities

Some four hundred Medical Doctors who completed Medical School over six months ago are stranded at home without jobs reveals former Chief Executive of the National Health Insurance Authority, Mr. Sylvester Mensah.

Instructively, the Akufo-Addo government has since February this year, refused to constitute the Medical and Dental Council, which must issue these doctors their licenses before they can practice.

In what can be described as a frustrated outcry, Mr. Mensah writes that these doctors, many of whom have had additional training abroad, have high qualifications qualified and have since written the Medical and Dental Council (M&D Council) licensure exams.

 “It’s unbelievable that in February this year, over 400 foreign-trained and qualified Medical Doctors took the Medical and Dental Council licensing examination, which allows them to practice in their own country, Ghana! Mensah fumed.

“Strangely, six months have passed since they wrote the exams. The exams are said to have been marked but the government’s inability to re-constitute the Medical and Dental Council (M&D Council) that has the legal right to issue their license to practice has kept these young talents at home in frustration, and with no income because they cannot practice in Ghana without the license.”

Mr. Sylvester Mensah adds that this is happening at a time that Ghana is still under the onslaught of COVID-19 and needs all the doctors that the country can marshal.

He queries: “Is it the case that government has no money to recruit and post these newly trained and qualified Doctors to work and save lives? If that were so, must it be so difficult for a caring government to adjust its priorities in order to be able to attend to the health needs of its citizens? Is it simply a lack of priority and insensitivity, as has been the hallmark of this government so far? 

“Whatever the reason, it is simply unacceptable, inexcusable, unwarranted and a monumental failure. It beggars belief that a government will abandon their fundamental responsibility towards the health of its citizens in the manner that we are witnessing under this government,” said a peeved ex-NHIA boss.

“This lack of urgency is frustrating and pathetic. Ghana must be rescued from this intractable stretch of leadership paralysis as soon as possible!” He jabbed.


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