Haruna Atta To Launch Newsletter On Mahama In September

Ghana’s former High Commissioner to Namibia and Botswana, H.E. Abdulrahman Haruna Atta has announced an upcoming launch of a newsletter in September 2021.

The newsletter which he christens “ARHA Newsletter,” he says will be dedicated to serializing his book which provides biographical writings on former President John Mahama.

ARHA – is an initialism for Abdul Rahman Haruna Attah

“From September 1, 2021, I will be launching a newsletter to be called the ARHA Newsletter. It will initially be devoted to the serialization of my book, “Ahwenepa Nkasa – Standing with JDM”. Launched exactly a year ago on August 28, 2020, the book is in two parts, 67 chapters and 331 pages. The first part has the title of “Homeland Briefs” and the second part, “Diplomatic Briefs”. Homeland Briefs centres on President John Dramani Mahama’s tenure as president of our republic and the Diplomatic Briefs, my own insights and experiences as the High Commissioner of Ghana to Namibia and Botswana,” he explained.

The former journalist explained his motivation thus; “There’s not much official or unofficial biographical writing about our heads of state. President Nkrumah was a prolific writer and has left behind volumes for history. Many biographers have given their insights into the great man’s place in history. President Rawlings did not write anything himself, but a few biographers have put out their insights, the latest being the book by Professor Kwamena Ahwoi, which generated much public interest. My book on JM came out at exactly the same time so was eclipsed.” 

“JDM himself, has told part of his story in the autobiographical “My First Coup D’etat”. Mine is but a scratch on the surface and I hope this serialization, which is entirely my own initiative, will give interesting and enlightening insights into this very fine gentleman’s significant contribution in the politics of the 4th Republic – which in fact, is ongoing…,” Haruna Atta explained.

The serialization is free, he explains, because it would take a little over a year to run out.


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