GIHOC’s Kofi Jumah Admits To Sex For Jobs Allegation

The Managing Director of GIHOC Distilleries Company Limited Maxwell Kofi Jumah has confirmed reports that he is a womaniser, saying he has no problem if he is being accused of womanising.

Kofi Jumah has been accused by a group of GIHOC workers calling themselves the “Concerned Members of GIHOC” of giving top positions of his company to his girlfriends.

In a condescending response to his workers, the former Member of Parliament (MP) for Asokwa said he was indeed a womaniser, however, he does not engage in bribery as his workers revealed.

, “I’m not corrupt and I will never be corrupt but my weak point is womanizing. I love women but you can never attach corruption and bribery to me because it is not in my nature. I will continue to stand for the truth even when I’m standing between death and life. No worker of GIHOC can say I took money from him or her before employing him or her to GIHOC” Kofi Jumah insisted on running the company with professionalism. 

Gihoc distillery is a state-owned beverage and bottling company, but Kofi Jumah is reportedly running it like his personal property, the workers reveal and may soon run the company aground.

According to the concerned workers, Kofi Jumah’s mistresses have been placed in key positions of the company and they join in the wanton waste of the company’s resources.

These mistresses are reported to be travelling to funerals with company cars and spend days without reporting to work.

According to these angry workers, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, funds generated by GIHOC from the manufacturing and sales of hand sanitizers have been diverted into private accounts of Kofi Jumah who has reportedly increased his monthly salary GHC 25,000 to GHC 50,000.


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