#FixTheCountry Targets 1 million Ghanaian Petitioners To Force A Constitutional Change

The aggressive popular youth movement #FixTheCountry has announced that it will commence gathering one million signatories to force a new constitution for Ghana.

The group does not want a review but a total overhaul of the 1992 constitution commissioned by late former President Jerry John Rawlings who was a military dictator that transitioned to become a civilian president.

The youth group which organised Ghana’s biggest non-partisan street protest on August 4, 2021, says the 1992 constitution is a dangerous document that had perpetuated crime and corruption by the political elite of the country.

They are calling for a “new Ghana” and have vowed to relentlessly pursue that agenda in perpetuity.

 “This constitution claims to be wanting to produce a democratic society. We all know that in a democratic society, everyone is equal before the law. You cannot have indemnity clauses buried in the Constitution yet, accept the equality of society when clearly there are some over and above the law. That is why we want a new constitution”, one of the #FixTheCountry campaigners, Ernesto Yeboah, said.

Mr. Yeboah doubles as the leader of the pressure group, the Economic Fighters League.

The youth uprising is also calling for a complete dissolution of Ghana’s Fourth Republic for a brand new one that will sanitise the rotten structure of the previous ones.

This call was made by Oliver Barker-Vormawor, one of the main spokespersons of the #FixTheCountry movement. 

The Researcher at the University Of Cambridge Faculty Of Law said previous governments that connived in corrupting the socio-political structures of the Fourth Republic must be discarded.  

“We are no longer going to allow tribalism or politics to divide us. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Republics were dissolved by soldiers. Now it is the youth who will dissolve the 4th Republic which has been characterised by corruption and 491,” Oliver said during the mammoth protest. 

Meanwhile, the group’s mercurial rise as a force in Ghana’s political terrain is sending shivers through the old political establishment dominated by the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Already, an intense propaganda war has been activated against the group after their “hugely successful” protest.

The ruling NPP has commissioned the foul-mouthed Ernest Owusu-Bempah to set up a parallel group called “Fixing The Country”. That group claims it will launch its own protests to show the achievements of the Akufo Addo administration.

There are suspicions within the #FixTheCountry movement that Owusu-Bempah may have been set up to undertake nefarious activities that would be blamed on the original Fix The Country group.


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