Ejura Blues: “Murderous” Ken Agyapong To Face Privileges Committee

-Over Threats To The Life of Multimedia Journalist 

The Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, has referred the foul-mouthed Assin Central legislator, Kennedy Agyapong, to the Privileges Committee of Parliament for punishment over his reported threats he issued on the life of Erastus Asare Donkor, a Broadcast Journalist with the Multimedia Group.

In an eerily similar threat he issued a couple of years ago to an undercover journalist, Ahmed Hussein Sule, leading to the brutal assassination of the journalist, Ken Agyapong is repeating the exact same threats to the Multimedia Group journalist who had done a live capture of soldiers shooting live bullets into a crowd of protesters in the Ejura town of the Ashanti Region.

The disgraceful conduct of Mr. Agyapong, is despite the fact that he is the Chairman of the Defence and Interior Committee of Parliament.

Alhassan Suhuyini, an MP for Tamale North, had raised the need for Ken Agyapong to be punished. 

Suhuyini argued that the threats from his colleague on the life of the journalist are not only harmful but a dent on the reputation of the house.

“For those utterances to be attributed to the committee chairman of this house, I think it calls for the attention of this house. Mr. Speaker, he said that if he were the President of Ghana, he would have ensured that the said journalist, Erastus Asare Donkor, is beaten seriously, and this comes in the wake of another such utterance he made in relation to Ahmed Suale which led to the identity of Suale being compromised and eventually murdered,” Suhuyini argued.

“I think that as a former journalist, I feel obliged to draw the attention of the House to the conduct of the MP which in my view brings this house into disrepute, and so Mr. Speaker, I urge you to exercise your powers and refer this conduct of the honourable member to the Privileges Committee to ascertain the veracity of the comments made and recommend some sanctions that will serve as a deterrent to other members.”

The disciplinary action against Ken Agyapong in Parliament is coming in the heels of a criminal complaint filed by the Multimedia Group against him a few days ago.

Apparently, Ken Agyapong is seeking to cover up the brutal murder of some three people in Ejura protesting the bloody lynching of social media activists Mohammed “Kaaka” Ibrahim.

Kaaka was murdered for showcasing social ills in his community on Facebook. He was consequently threatened by a group of thugs reportedly belonging to the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP). They claimed Kaaka’s activism was making the Akufo Addo administration “unpopular”. They proceeded to warn him that he will suffer the consequences if he did not “desist” from his activism.

Shortly afterwards, a mob lynched him on the way to his home and died a few days after.

Townsfolks of Ejura had reacted in anger at the killing of Kaaka and on the day of his burial, a spontaneous street protest ensued. However, soldiers were immediately sent in and they started shooting into the crowd as soon as they encountered them.

 Erastus Asare Donkor was present during the massacre and had reported it. But apparently, Ken Agyapong is not happy that the name of the government is being made “unpopular” by the live report, hence the threat.


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