CKen Agyapong’s Attempt To Use Supreme Court To Swerve Contempt Trial Flops

An Accra High Court which has cited Kennedy Agyapong, the MP for Assin Central, for contempt over his description of judges as “stupid” has indicated to the contemnor that his attempt to use the Supreme Court to stave off his trial for contempt will not douse his case.

In court today, Justice Amos Wuntah Wuni, told Mr. Agyapong and his lawyers that an application that they have made at the Supreme Court to quash the case at the High Court has come to his attention but that the Supreme Court has not issued any orders to the High Court.

His Lordship Wuntah Wuni also made it clear to the notoriously foul-mouthed MP that the High Court cannot wait for a whole month for the Supreme Court to determine whether it has jurisdiction on the case or not; telling Mr. Agyapong that his case is still on.

The trial judge however adjourned proceedings to Friday, October 25th

Mr. Agyapong is facing contempt after he launched serious verbal abuse at a judge hearing a land-related case as involving him. The acerbic MP also boasted that he would face the judge squarely and that his variety is not that of Anas Aremeyaw Anas, whom he claims, bribes judges.

He poured all the abusive scorn on  a Lord of the people’s court during an appearance on his Madina based Net 2 TV, a sister radio station, Oman FM, of which Mr. Agyapong once used to declare war in Ghana and mass murder against Gas and Voltarians.

After his boast, the High Court took notice and cited him for contempt. A summons was served but the Assin Central MP apparently took to playing hide and seek with bailiffs, disappearing from Parliament where he works, and his Net 2 TV station where he made the contemptuous comments.

While evading service, however, the same Ken Agyapong caused his lawyers to file an application at the Supreme Court asking for the contempt case against him at the High Court to be quashed because the court lacks jurisdiction.

According to him, his contemptuous comments were not directed at Justice Wuntah Wuni, and that it had been heaped on another judge at the Lands Court. How this puts the case out of Justice Wuntah Wuni’s court is not exactly clear because the abused judge could not have sat on a case involving him.

According to Kwame Gyan, Ken Agyapong’s lawyer, after filing the application at the Supreme Court, they were given a returning date of 13th October 2020. 

However, Justice Wuntah Wuni said the High Court could not wait for a whole month for the Supreme Court to give an order before it proceeds with the case.

The contemnor, who was in court by 8:30 am, thirty minutes ahead of the 9 o’clock appearance time he was given, had his case adjourned to October 25th.


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