Fire Sweeps Through Shopping Complex At Makola

A massive fire has totally destroyed the three-story building located in the heart of Makola, Accra’s most popular market on Monday morning.

The fire reportedly started around 9 am. It is believed that the exact location where the spark started and later grew into an inferno was the top floor of the building which housed different shops in the central business district (CBD) of Accra.

Personnel from the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) arrived at the scene to fight the fire but videos of the incident captured the firefighters in action at a time that the fire had grown uncontrollable.

Also, the fire service came ill-equipped and their efforts only prolonged the conflagration that has reportedly destroyed millions of cedis worth of goods.

There is a popular fire station located right in the heart of Makola and so it is not clear why the firefighters had gotten there after the fire had grown into an uncontrollable bellowing inferno.

They had been supported by military and police personnel.

Eye witnesses have since shared photos and videos of the wildfire.


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