#FixTheCountry Brutally Attacked By Unknown Assailants

Ibrahim Mohammed, aka “Macho Kaaka”

A leading social media voice in the #FixTheCountry youth movement has been brutally attacked by assailants in his house, as the impact of the defiant movement picks up momentum.

Ibrahim Mohammed, aka “Macho Kaaka” was reportedly set upon at midnight and butchered on June 25, 2021.

He was reportedly stabbed and apparently clubbed in the head, leaving him in critical condition at the hospital.

Checks by Whatsup News indicate that he is currently in a vegetative state and unable to talk or move. As members of the group increasingly become a target to both the security services and faceless criminals.

The Ghana Police Service (GPS) is at the forefront of the hounding of the youth group whose main objective is to trigger a systemic change from the corrupt political system that had governed the country for decades and had resulted in mass looting and impoverishment of the citizenry.

The GPS in their stance, have vowed to prevent the group to legally protest against the socio-political system. The Police have first stopped their planned protests scheduled for May 9, 2021, and had proceeded to court to seek a perpetual injunction and gains the protest as well as criminalise it in an unprecedented show of totalitarianism.

Meanwhile, prior to the attack, Ibrahim was said to have received several messages threatening his life.

It is believed by many that the attack on his life was due to his involvement in the #FixTheCountry campaign.


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