EC Temporal Staff Remain Unpaid

Some temporal staff that the Electoral Commission (EC) had recruited for the 2019 local level elections remain unpaid of their allowances, Whatsup News has gathered.

According to estimates, hundreds of such staff have been dumped empty-handed after they were used by the EC for the local level elections.

“We have complained to our respective district offices who then forwarded our complaints to Accra via the regional offices but all to no avail,” an affected staff had complained in a report forwarded to Whatsup News.

According to information, the affected people range from Presiding Officers to as ballot paper issuance officers, verification and names reference officers, etc.

The amounts they are supposed to be paid are said to range from Ghc500 to GHC 1000.

 The aggrieved officers are said to be from all regions in the country but mostly from Oti

Interestingly,  Mrs. Jean Mensah, the Electoral Commission Chairperson is claiming that the Commission has paid all temporal staff.

At one of the EC’s press conferences, she claimed that the Commission owed no temporal staff any longer.

  “We have written to Accra informing them about the infractions but nothing has changed,” a regional officer who wants to remain anonymous said.

And in response to the EC boss’ claim that everybody has been paid, another regional head who does not want to be identified said, “even some of the people who worked as exhibition officials have not been paid yet.”

Over the years, temporary staff who worked for the commission were paid at the district offices of the commission.

This arrangement, however, changed when Mrs Charlotte Osei was appointed as the chair.

The commission’s decision to pay through the banks has resulted in a lot of infractions and unnecessary delays, insiders told Whatsup News.

 It is not known if this situation is a mere infraction or an orchestrated attempt by some officials at the headquarters of the commission.


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