Paga Residents Live In Fear After Police Intelligence On Infiltration Of Burkinabe Bandits

Residents of Paga in the Upper East Region are living in fear after the Police Service alerted that some bandits from neighboring Burkina Faso may have infiltrated the town.

According to Police intelligence, the bandits are heavily armed with some of their weapons being military-grade munitions.

The residents are therefore calling on the government to as a matter of urgency deploy the military and Police personnel to the town. 

What is giving many the jitters is that some of the Burkinabe bandits are fluent in cousin, the local language of the area and therefore would blend in easily.

Also, recent upheavals in the former French colony and the resultant gun violence and carnage have made the prospect of having bandits from that country on the loose in Paga a scary prospect.

“The border is filled with many people so you cannot tell who is who. Some of the Burkinabes speak our language [Kasem] so if they are here, you may not know they are strangers,” one Lucas Awanpaga is quoted as saying.

However, Upper East Regional Minister, Stephen Yakubu, has reportedly urged the people of Paga to rein in their fears, assuring that government is on the alert.

He called on citizens to report any strangers and suspicious characters to the Police at any given encounter.


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