Ghana Gas Finance Director Dies Mysteriously

-After Complaining About Inside Corruption

A Director of Finance at the Ghana Gas Company Limited (GGCL) has reportedly died suddenly after he complained about festering malfeasance in that institution and his willingness to resign his position.
He is said to have died on Tuesday morning after collapsing in his bathroom at home and being rushed to the Nyaho Clinic in Accra for emergency treatment.
Nyaho Clinic would later transfer him to a major government hospital after initial treatment, but unfortunately, he would not survive the health emergency, WhatsUp News has heard.
The incident has left chills down the spine of many of the staff of the GGCL, especially those who were crusading for justice against some senior members of staff who are alleged to have been indicted in an internal audit for various acts of corruption.
The late Finance Director was said to have protested festering corruption at the place after the conclusion of an internal audit.
He was said to be so appalled by the extent of the rot at the GGCL that he had written to the CEO of the institution serving notice that if the corruption is not dealt with he would resign.
This was after the internal audit was said to have indicted many staff for over-invoicing, under-invoicing and a whole lot of other acts of malfeasance.
WhatsUp News has seen copies of the audit reports and is working on follow-ups to flesh out the story.
Meanwhile, the sudden death of the Director of Finance has led to the wagging of tongues at the GGCL, even as ominous fear has come to settle on many of the staff.


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