‘Obinim, Gaisy and Koby Are Fools’- Prophet Dr. Oduro

The confusion about God’s decision on who gets elected in the 2020 election has just been stoked the more by another prophet who is calling colleagues who prophesied on 31st night that the polls would be won by the ruling NPP and the opposition NDC, as “fools.”

According to prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro of the Alabaster Internal Ministry, the prophets behind the prophesies are “mad jokers.”

“I look at the prophesies that were given on the 31st and I see that you are jokers. Jokers, all Ghanaian prophets…this morning put on the radio and see, I say God has not called any of you. those foolish prophesies that you came to give, who says God cares about NDC, NPP?” the prophet said.

According to him, none of the prophets who gave the prophesies are of God.

The condemnation is in response to different prophesies that had come from different prophets predicting wins for both the NPP and the NDC in the 2020 election. Among the prophets are Nigel Gaisie and Badu Kobi.

“2020 election has already been cast and the NPP won,” Prophet Kobi told his congregation at the watch-night service, Tuesday, December 31, 2019,” Prophet Badu Kobi had prophesied to his congregation on 31st night.

On that same night, Prophet Nigel Gaisie had also prophesied that the NDC would win by one touch. A third self-styled Prophet, Bishop Owusu Bempah, on his part made criminal statements in addition to expectedly prophesying that the NPP would win.

According to him, anybody that former President John Mahama settles on as Running for the election will die after the election in December.

Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro claims that none of these prophets are of God and that they are only trying to mock at Jesus. “Listen, you people are mocking Jesus…so you are telling me that you did not see reason to prophesy about your nasty whoredom, you did not see that bad life that you are living to prophesy about, you did not see the lies and arrogance of your leaders to prophesy about, you did not see the murders going on the country to prophesy about, only NPP and NDC; what about CPP;  what about PPP, what about AGPP, what about SPP? Stop that nonsense. God has not spoken to anyone.”

According to him, God has no time for suchlike “nonsense.” Quoting Hosea Chapter 9:7, he said the Bible itself confirms that the prophets are “foolish” and “mad.”

“Your leaders have not repented, most of your leaders are living sinful lives but you did not see prophesies about it, it’s only winning that you saw because when they win and come to power, they will give you some of the spoils, they will give you diplomatic passports, when they win they will give you free ticket so that you use VVIP lounge, so that you will get per diems. I say God has not called any of you, so clear off with your bogus prophesies,’ the man of God spoke in Twi.


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