Bolga Gang Flaunt Guns And Money In Viral Video

A video capturing a gang believed to be from Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region, flaunting guns in obscene exhibitionism has gone viral on social media causing concern.
In the disturbing footage, the young adults are seen pulling the triggers on sophisticated pistols without bullets in them.

At least one person is also seen flaunting an AK47 rifle as part of the wayward showboat.
And while the empty barrels of the weapons were clicking, one of the hoodlums is heard laughing and declaring that the time has come for everybody to run away.
It is not clear if these youngsters captured in the video are robbers and whether they have used these sophisticated weapons in operations already, but the video footage capturing their grandstanding has in its background motorcycles. Motorcycles are often employed in robberies in Ghana.
Meanwhile, the same gang is seen in other photos posted on social media flaunting bundles of cash.

One is seen flaunting Ghc50 notes in a car while another is seen lying in bed with a mix of bundles of cedi denomination spread on the bed around him.
Many on social media have expressed worry at the photos and the videos questioning if law-abiding citizens are safe.


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