NPP General Secretary Suing Over Links To Galamsey

The General Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. John Biadu, says he has instructed his lawyers to go to court over allegations that he is neck-deep in illegal gold mining activities, aka ‘galamsey.’

In a statement, Mr. Boadu says that he is targeting to dance in court with all the people linking him to galamsey, including media platforms.

“On account of the foregoing, the General Secretary, is, by this statement, serving notice to the general public that he takes a very serious view of this defamatory matter, and has accordingly instructed his lawyers to proceed to court to vindicate his right against all persons behind these mischievous acts as well as media houses that provide their platforms in furtherance of this mischief against his person,” Boadu stated.

According to the statement, he John Boadu has never been involved in mining before and yet somehow, people keep claiming he is one of the wicked crooks within the NPP wrecking the environment with galamsey.

“Indeed, the failure and inability of the individuals making the said allegations to provide any modicum of substance to back their allegations despite being challenged to do same on many occasions bears ample testimony to the manifest falsity and mischief they are engaged in,” he wrote.

“The allegations are thus false statements deliberately being made by his detractors with the view to injuring his hard-won reputation, and to lower his good image in the eyes of right-thinking members of the society.”

In the past, Mr. Boadu has said that the attribution of galamsey to his good self has been nothing but an unfair attribution, according to him, he has a “boy” called Abanga and that Abanga’s brother is involved in mining and that because he is Abanga’s boss; he has been somehow mistaken for Abanga’s brother.

In his statement, he swears that he (John Boadu) has also never owned an excavator or a mining concession, nor has he ever been involved either directly or indirectly in any form of mining activity in the past or at present. 

His denial is curious, given the fact that more than one year ago, a secret tape capturing Professor Kwabena Frimpong Boateng, the then-Chairman of the Inter-ministerial Committee against illegal mining, had mentioned John Boadu as one of those who took delivery of seized mining excavators allegedly for his own illegal mining concession that repatriates funds into the coffers of the NPP.


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