Police Arrest Asikuma Odoben Brakwa Couple For Burying Child Alive

The Police in Asikuma Odoben Brakwa in the Central Region have reportedly arrested a couple for allegedly burying their two-year-old son alive.

Paul Adoba and Maame Atta agreed to dig a grave in the middle of the night near a stream at Breman Brakwa and bury their toddler because a fetish priestess had divined that the child was a spirit child.

To ensure that the deed was done, the fetish priestess joined the couple at midnight on Monday to dispatch the toddler.

Chief of Breman Brakwa, Nana Kofi Hammed, is reported as confirming the incident and expressing shock at the behaviour of the perpetrators.

“The couple and the priestess came to bury the child alive, and so those who suspected it reported it to the police. I was here in the evening when the couple’s relatives came that this was what happened, so they were begging for forgiveness. I said no, it’s a huge crime that ought not to be entertained,” he explained.

He continued, “I said this is never done. Even when day old children die, they are not buried like that, let alone burying a child alive. What’s so grievous is that they buried this child close to the mainstream we all depend on.”

Meanwhile, according to reports, the couple were caught in the act of carrying out the live burial by a tenant of their house, one Abubakar Mohammed.

“I saw them carrying the child to where the pit was being dug. It was around 12 midnight. It was awkwardly strange, and so, I got up to close my window,” he is quoted as saying.

He adds, “I was alone and a bit afraid and so I couldn’t step out. During that time, the man left the scene and came to the yard in our compound. It was my landlord, and so I asked him what on earth he was doing at this time behind the house.”


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