Azar, among others, have expressed worry at the seeming unbridled powers that the Chief Justice and the GLC are arrogating to themselves.

Last week, the GLC summoned the in a curious turn of event, wrote a letter to summon the General Manager of ABC Television to appear before one of its Committees for daring to interview a critic of the GLC.

The letter signed by the Judicial Secretary, Cynthia Pamela A. Addo under the instruction of the Chief Justice, Sophia Akuffo, invited Gordon Asare Bediako to appear Tuesday, October 29, 2019, at the Conference Room of the GLC “with the full recording of all your recent interview with Mr Kwaku Ansa Asare regarding the recent Ghana School of Law entrance examination.”

Apparently, ABC Television honoured the invitation despite advice from legal brains that the GLC did not have the power to summon a media house over what it has broadcasted.

“… Where does the GLC or CJ as head of GLC get the power to summon a media station manager to appear before the GLC? You would expect them to know that the administrative and disciplinary powers of the GLC do not extend to the person to whom this letter has been directed. The addressee should treat the letter with deserved contempt,” Prof. Prempeh of CDD scoffed at the invitation.

Narrating his encounter with the “Mighty” GLC, the editor of ABC Television Gordon Asare Bediako said the Tuesday meeting chaired by the Chief Justice was not a probe but a mere invitation to “help” the GLC investigate the criticisms of the Mr. Ansah Asare.

According to the ABC Television editor, the GLC claimed the interview with the embattled Ansah Asare was not properly articulated by the media house.

 “The chief Justice told us that Mr Ansa Asare had appeared before the committee earlier and that was not the true reflection of what he said in the interview, hence the Committee’s decision to invite us as the primary source of the footage to bring it to them so that they can juxtapose it with what he had said,” Mr. Asare Bediako told Accra-based Asempa FM.

The GLC has recently come under intense fire for organising what critics call a “Scam Exam” for young lawyers aspiring to be called to the Ghanaian Bar.

Even though the GLC knew it was only interested in allowing a few lawyers into their prestigious folds, they still cause the admission of thousands of students, only to massively fail them. In the last Ghana Law School examination, only 128 of over 1,800 students were passed in what was arguably one of the most profound mass-failure supervised by the law school and the GLC.


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