Akufo Addo Niece Rubbishes Degrees From Ghanaian Universities

Akusika Akuffo, a niece to President Akufo Addo has caused a social media storm by making a post ridiculing academic qualifications from Ghanaian tertiary institutes in comparison to some Ivy League Universities in the UK and the United States.

“But sure, let’s pretend that a young man’s Cambridge and Columbia degrees were picked over your cousin’s Ho Poly certificate because of elitism,” Ms. Akusika Akuffo slammed Ghanaians who had criticized President Akufo for appointing a redundant position of a Presidential Coordinator for Youth Engagement and Strategy at the Office of the President.

President Akufo Addo had given the position to one Jake Bediako who had apparently attended Ivy League universities. 

But Ghanaians had slammed the President for apportioning mere “Jobs for the Boys” because the role Jake would allegedly be playing is already captured under the terms of reference of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

However, Akusika would not have the criticisms, as she flew off her handle on social media blasting critics.

“People are actually haters in this Ghana! Like how are you angry that someone who is very qualified for a position has been given a position. We should be celebrating….”

Akusika’s rampant attack on critics has already worsened the aura of elitism created around the family of Akufo Addo. Also, her growl at Ghanaians simply re-emphasises the accusation of tone-deafness of the Akufo Addo administration to concerns about how his family and friends have virtually hijacked the Ghanaian government.


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