Coalition for Restoration (CFR) institutes a Dialogue On National Development

The Coalition for Restoration (CFR) says it has instituted a Dialogue Series to pool ideas for national development.

 The CFR DIALOGUES it says will invite ideas from the knowledge base of the country for the nationalistic project.

“The object of the Dialogue Series is to generate a critical mass of ideas through technical discussions on the various sectors of the Ghanaian economy using the enormous expertise and resource persons the country is blessed with to catalyze a focused development trajectory,” it said in a statement by its Communications Officer JJ Gyasi Mensah.

The first in this “Dialogue Series” will be on the Economic Management of Ghana, with the subsequent editions analyzing other sectors such as the Health Sector, Agriculture Sector, Energy Sector Education Sector, Security Sector Infrastructure, and Media freedom.

These lectures will be held in no specific order as It is intended that the Dialogue Series will be made more interactive with the introduction of the CFR 1o1, it said.

“CFR 1o1 (one-on-one) will be a series of live televised debates featuring leading political actors across the political divide.

“CFR is currently developing the stakeholder participation framework and will eventually publish the schedule when all stakeholders sign up to it,” the statement said.


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