Chad’s Military Claims Victory Against Rebels After President’s Death

The Military in Chad claims it has defeated rebels of the Front for Change and Concord in Chad (Fact) after an incursion from the Libya-based guerrilla group.

On Sunday, a victory parade saw soldiers return to the capital, N’Djamena from the frontline in a column of tanks and armoured vehicles while some people cheered.

As the BBC reports, the parade was aimed at boost the popularity of the Chadian military at a time of great uncertainty in the country.

Following weeks of fighting the Northern rebels, the country was thrown into a crisis when President Idriss Déby died after being wounded on the frontline lasts month.

Though the Military showed journalists rebels of the FACT, there is cautious optimism that the Libya-based rebel group has been routed.

This because weeks ago the Military Council ruling the country had announced that the rebel group had been defeated – only for fighting to resume.

Meanwhile, the military takeover under the leadership of Mr. Déby’s son has been condemned by the opposition and civil society groups leading to protests.

In recent weeks protests demanding a return to civilian rule have been violently broken up by the security forces, reports the BBC.


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