20,000 Christ Embassy Church Members “Blindside” Ghana Police -To Become Potential COVID-19 Distributors

Christ Embassy Youth Church on Friday, April 30, 2021, defied the Akufo Addo administration’s restrictions on mass public gathering and held an event dubbed “Pneumatic Night” with over 20,000 worshippers at the Fantasy Dome of the Trade Fair Centre. 

Videos and pictures of the event show the worshippers totally ignoring social distancing and personal protection via face masks.

Critics fear that event could spark a renewed wave of COVIDS-19 in the country as the worshippers have since melted into the general populace.

The possibility of the event becoming another epicenter of COVID-19 infections in the country has generated massive outcry by Ghanaians who question the double standards that allowed the church to amass such a crowd when the security agencies were busy cracking down on mass public events and swimming at the beach.

The church had attempted to cover its trail amidst the angry outcry by the public and had attempted to take down a video of the event posted on its YouTube channel. However, Whatsup News has managed to obtain a copy of the incriminating video from screengrabs by some fast-thinking archivers.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Police Service (GPS) is explaining itself away by claiming the massive event was organised on “Its blindside” 

A statement released today, May 2, 2021, by the Ghana Police Service and signed by Sheilla Kessie Abayie-Buckman, the Police Director of Public Affairs, complained bitterly about how the Church had tricked the police.

“The Police did not provide security for the said event. In fact, the organisers did not give notice of the event to any Police Officer or Station. The event, advertised as a Church Service which ordinarily did not require notice under the Public Order Act, was organised at the blind side of the Police,” the statement said.

On Sunday morning, May 2, 2021, the Church organised another event, this time the Police claim the church observed all COVID-19 protocols.

The organisers of the “Pneumatic Night” are reportedly being investigated.


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