Ghanaian Jailed 10 Years In Dubai For Unknowingly helping To Deliver Parcel With Ganja

A Ghanaian nation out of five others has been sentenced to 10 years in a Dubai prison for serving as a courier for a parcel containing marijuana without his knowledge.

He is part unnamed Ghanaian is part of four others who were picked up by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) authorities for similar incidents of them transporting marijuana unknowingly.

 The Ghanaian Consulate General in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) disclosed the predicament of the arrested culprits in a press release on Wednesday, April 21, 2021. According to the consulate, all the embattled couriers of the narcotic drug had no idea that they were transporting marijuana which had been secretly concealed in parcels given to them by their travel agents.

“The sad part of it is that all the parcels containing the weed were given to them by the agents in Ghana who acquired the UAE Visa for them, with instructions to them to give the parcels to their counterpart agents in the UAE on arrival. It is also interesting to know that the weed is normally hidden in food items,” the statement from the consulate read. 

They were busted between January and March this year.

Consequently, the Ghanaian Consulate General in the UAE has warned travellers to double-check parcels given to them for delivery during their travels. “…Never to take any message/parcel from agents or any other person to bring to Dubai except if they can inspect and ascertain the true content of the message/parcel,” the Consular General warned,

The UAE and most Arab countries have strict prohibition regimes for drug trafficking. Some other countries like Singapore and Malaysia have death sentences for such trafficking. 


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